Auto Injury

How We Can Help


If you live in Phoenix, AZ and you’ve been injured in an auto collision, Clinica Real is here to help. We’ve worked with many patients who have been injured in a car crash and we can probably help you, too.

During a crash, your body is exposed to violent forces that can injure the delicate anatomical structures of your body. Clinica Real and the staff at Clinica Real is trained to diagnose and treat these types of injuries.

Learn more about auto injuries and how chiropractic care can help you or call our office today at (602) 222-9595.

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Best Option for Auto Injuries

We effectively help many auto collision patients in our Phoenix, AZ office, and Clinica Real has years of experience working with this type of injury.

Preventing Injury

Most people don’t realize that many of these types of injuries can be prevented by properly adjusting your head restraint.