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Can Being out of Alignment Cause Weight Gain?

Aug 23, 2021 | Chiropractic Practice

Alignment Cause


The human body is naturally designed to maintain balance. This means that when something in the body changes, a person’s weight will also change , this can be an Alignment Cause. For example, if there is an injury to the leg or hip, it would make sense for the person to put on some pounds because they are not able to exercise as much due to their injury. So what do you think happens when someone has misalignments?

The result of being out of alignment can be anything from pain and discomfort all the way up to chronic illness and disability. When this occurs it will cause people’s bodies’ metabolism levels to drop significantly which causes them to gain weight quickly – without any effort!

A study has established that people who have spinal misalignments are more likely to experience changes in their metabolism, hormones, and even appetite. Other common factors for weight gain include genetics, lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise habits.

How Spinal Misalignment Causes Weight Gain

The spine is a central part of the body and if it’s not aligned properly, it can cause all kinds of problems. One such problem is weight gain. When standing or sitting up straight, the stomach has room to expand under the diaphragm because your lungs are able to inflate fully which allows for more air in your stomach area. So when you slouch forward, your stomach pushes up against your diaphragm making it harder for your lungs and heart to function properly as they should be – this creates stress on these organs which lead to weight gain! If you notice that you have trouble breathing while at work or school, this may be a sign that spinal alignment could be contributing to an increase in weight.

If you’re experiencing weight gain, it might be because of a spinal misalignment. It’s possible that your spine is out of whack and this may cause hormonal changes in the body, which can lead to an increase in weight. Often times when one is feeling stressed or anxious these hormones become elevated – especially cortisol which can have a significant impact on your appetite. In some cases, chronic stress leads to overeating as well as binge eating disorders where people eat large quantities at one time and then feel guilty about their actions later on. A chiropractor would be able to help you with any pain-related issues so you can start feeling better!

What to do if you Experience a bad Chiropractic Adjustment

When a chiropractor adjusts someone’s back, they can only adjust the spine as far as it will go. If there is a misalignment in the spine before the adjustment, that misalignment may not be corrected by an adjustment.

In some cases, chiropractic adjustments can cause more misalignment problems. Some of these problems include increased nerve pressure and even injury to vertebrae. In addition, when we have subluxations and muscle spasms in our back muscles from previous chiropractic care, it causes us to feel pain on days other than those where we received treatment for the pain.

This is because since the adjustment was performed on one vertebra in your spine, it caused a domino effect to other parts of your spine which were not adjusted. The best solution for this problem is to go see an orthopedic specialist who will be able to manually fix the joints that are causing pain and discomfort without causing any further damage. You could also file a lawsuit to sue the chiropractor responsible for the poor adjustment and seek compensation.

Key Benefits of Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment

The benefits of a quick chiropractic visit are incredible. It can help you feel better, look better, and be healthier! While pain relief is usually the main goal of spinal manipulation, there are several additional health benefits that you can realize from a quick chiropractic visit for spinal adjustments:

Improves Cognitive Performance

You always feel better after a trip to the chiropractor. They can fix your back, neck, and even cognitive function! Research has shown that spinal manipulation alters brain activity in ways that improve sensory-motor functions as well as other executive functions like memory or focus.

Spinal Manipulations Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common medical condition that affects 1 out of every 3 adults in the U.S. Instead of relying on various medications to lower blood pressure, you can opt for a spinal adjustment to evade side effects that result from high blood pressure medications. Studies have proved that spinal adjustments can drastically lower high blood pressure.

Boosts the Immune System

You might be wondering how a spinal adjustment can improve your immunity. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: it all comes down to spine health! Studies have shown that an increase in white blood cells (the immune system’s troops) happens immediately after just one treatment of manipulation by trained professionals like chiropractors and osteopaths.

Improves Several Other Conditions

Aside from treating spine-related issues to fix your back, spinal adjustment can also fix other health issues. A quick visit to the chiropractor can treat and relieve you from a range of medical conditions. Here are just a few issues that chiropractors can fix:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Migraines or Headaches
  • menstrual problems and fertility issues

The Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Adjustments

The Pros

  1. Spinal adjustments are a great way to relieve tension and stress
  2. They can help with back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, and more
  3. The treatment is safe for everyone of all ages and has no side effects
  4. There’s no need to wait in line at the doctor’s office or pharmacy – just call your chiropractor!
  5. You’ll feel better immediately after an adjustment session
  6. Spinal adjustments can help correct scoliosis, which is a condition that causes the spine to curve in an abnormal shape

The Cons

  1. Spinal adjustments are expensive
  2. You have to go back for repeated treatments
  3. You could experience pain and discomfort after an adjustment
  4. There’s no guarantee that adjustments will work for everyone, so there’s risk involved in getting them done
  5. Adjustments are not covered by insurance, which means out-of-pocket expenses may be required
  6. Your spine may not need an adjustment if you have other conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, or scoliosis that need more attention instead


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