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Studies Find That Chiropractors Are More Effective than Drugs

Apr 16, 2021 | Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractors Are More Effective than Drugs for Back Pain


In our Phoenix, Mesa, AZ office, Clinica Real has helped countless people heal from back problems. If you are dealing with back pain, you’ve probably been tempted to take drugs to decrease the pain. You should understand that research shows that chiropractors are more effective and chiropractic therapy is often a better alternative than drugs when it comes to relieving this specific type of pain.



In a 2013 study published in the medical journal Spine experts included 101 people who had experienced back pain for at least 48 hours. Each patient was then assigned to one of three groups. The first group, which was made up of 37 people, received chiropractic treatment and a placebo of the drug diclofenac. The second group of 38 individuals received sham chiropractic treatments and the actual drug. The third group of 25 subjects acted as the control as those individuals engaged in sham chiropractic and also received the placebo, thus having no real treatment at all.



Both of the groups that received some type of real treatment, whether through chiropractic or the NSAID, fared better than the control patients who had no real care. However, when the two active groups were compared to one another, the people who received chiropractic had improvements that were “significantly better” than those who took the medications.




Chiropractic Promotes Natural Healing


Because chiropractic care is non-invasive and doesn’t use drugs, it helps enhance healing without unwanted side effects. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs can result in ulcers, high blood pressure, and other serious health concerns. Plus, the benefits of chiropractic last longer as it’s designed to resolve the source of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.



If you’re ready to get help for your back pain naturally, then chiropractic is for you. Make an appointment in our Phoenix, Mesa, AZ office with Clinica Real today at (602) 222-9595. We’ll help improve your back pain in a healthy way!







von Heymann WJ, Schloemer P, Timm J, Muehlbauer B. Spinal high-velocity low amplitude manipulation in acute nonspecific low back pain: a double-blind randomized controlled trial in comparison with diclofenac and placebo. Spine 2013;38(7):540-548.




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