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Remove Headaches with Proper Spinal Alignment

Sep 7, 2021 | physical rehabilitation

Spinal Alignment

Spinal headaches are excruciating, lasting from a few hours to a few days, and often disappear without treatment. You experience one of these when the cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid that surrounds your brain) leaks. With this leakage, your brain has less fluid, and the tissues and nerves supporting the brain stretch painfully. If you ever experienced one of these headaches, you also know that they get better when you lay down and worsen when you sit up or stand. You can rectify this situation by visiting Real Clinica and speaking to a chiropractor specializing in neck pain treatment in Phoenix.



How are headaches related to your spinal alignment?


Suppose you are suffering from migraines; you should know that neck misalignment is a significant cause of tension and cervicogenic (related to the neck) headaches.

From research, there is a very close relationship between your headache and your neck and spine position. Any misalignment puts tension on the spinal cord, which disrupts your brain’s communication with the body.

Any unusual arrangement of the joins between your neck and skull, called the craniocervical junctions, will result in a dull headache. And for this, chiropractors can help you.



What are chiropractic treatments?


Chiropractic treatment uses hands-on spinal manipulation techniques to align the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine. This practice allows your body to heal without surgery or medication.

If you are undergoing an auto accident injury treatment, chiropractors can help you restore the mobility of your joints due to tissue injury.

Primarily, chiropractic treatment works for pain relief in joints, tissues, connective tissues like tendons and ligaments, and sometimes in conventional medical treatments.

Clinica Real is one of the auto injury treatment centers with the best chiropractors in Phoenix.



Pros of chiropractic treatments


Spinal manipulations and chiropractic care is considered a safe treatment option for people with neck pains and headaches. Some of the benefits of visiting one of our Phoenix chiropractors include:


  • Improved neck pains- the chiropractor eases your neck pain by realigning your spine and reducing the tension on your neck muscles.
  • Less opioid- Since chiropractors offer a treatment-free pain management option, you rely less on opioid pain relievers, which means less chance of developing an addiction.
  • Eases back pains- if you are experiencing acute or chronic back pains, try chiropractic treatment options before taking medication. Spinal manipulation has shown some improvement in patients with short-term back pains.
  • Reduces your headache- Spinal manipulation is one way to treat tension and cervicogenic headaches. Chiropractic treatments also prove to be better than movement and exercise when trying to ease your headache.
  • More affordable- compared to medical treatments that involve surgery and needles, chiropractic treatment for back pains and migraines seems to be a cheaper option.
  • You get high satisfaction- Chiropractors change to make your body feel better. You no longer have tensed muscles or a misaligned spine, which means wholesome comfort, compared to drugs that only reduce pain.
  • You end up with an improved posture- spine misalignment, back pains, and slipped discs can result in uncomfortable walking and sitting postures. Visiting a chiropractor can help improve these conditions.
  • Improve athletic performance- sports injury chiropractors help restore your athletic performance and improve your current state. The service results in improved joint mobility, reduced pain, and more tissue freedom.



How does spinal alignment help you with headaches?


Chiropractic treatment aimed at relieving headaches is a delicate process that corrects the misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae. 

When you have spine misalignment, the brainstem, whose function is to transmit messages from the brain to the body, works ineffectively. The misalignment restricts the blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid available to your brain. In effect, the nerves and tissues strain, resulting in headaches.

By visiting our Clinica Real clinic in Phoenix, you can correct these conditions. Many patients report positive feedback, and you can be among them today.

We also handle auto injury treatment in Phoenix, back pain, and other pain management services for people of all ages.



Long-term benefits of chiropractic therapy for all ages


Chiropractors from Clinica Real in Phoenix specialize in detecting and correcting minor spinal misalignment. With gentle care, we help you manage your pain with no prescription drugs. Do not worry; there will be no cracking and popping of anything.

The most prominent benefit that our clients get is long-term pain relief. Whether you are dealing with a migraine or back pain, our experienced chiropractors offer a solution to keep the pain at bay for a long time.

Chiropractic maintenance care is a holistic approach to your rehabilitative therapy treatment. After a car accident, we help you manage pain by improving tissue flexibility and joint mobility for the continued health of your musculoskeletal system.

Also, you get to go home in a better posture.



How auto-injury treatment benefits your lifestyle


It is everyone’s dream to have a painless life. You do not want to deal with a headache every time you stand to get a cup of water or get up from your desk at work. While we live in a demanding society, you can relieve the pain without undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Just a few sessions with our chiropractor in Phoenix, and you can notice a drastic improvement in your lifestyle. Our spine alignment therapy will help you get rid of headaches, and if you are in rehab, you can improve your joint movement.

Enjoy the best of chiropractic therapy without popping some pills, which means a healthier and happier lifestyle for you.



In conclusion:


Various headaches result from improper functioning of the cerebrospinal fluid and less blood flow to your brain due to improper functioning of the brain stem or leaking fluid, which often results from a spinal misalignment. You can correct this by visiting a chiropractor near you, who, with hand-on therapy treatment, restores spinal alignment between your neck vertebrae and the skull, giving your brain the blood flow it needs and easing the pressure on your brain. Consequently, you end up with fewer headaches and a better lifestyle.


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