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Can a Chiropractor Fix a Pinched Nerve?

Aug 23, 2021 | Treatments

Chiropractors are professionals who treat different body structure conditions without using any kind of medication. They get to manipulate the affected areas of the body using their hands or the special instruments they have. By being able to do this, they assist many to improve their physical functioning ability, especially a pinched nerve.

People decide to see a chiropractor as a result of different reasons such as muscle strains, back pains, and so many others. Having a pinched nerve does take away your peace of mind and comfort. Finding the best chiropractor near you does help tackle this body structure condition you have.

This article concentrates on letting us know whether a chiropractor can fix a pinched nerve.

What is a pinched nerve?

A pinched nerve refers to a nerve that is being pressured or compressed. When you have a pinched nerve getting chiropractic care as soon as possible is best.

What areas can you get a pinched nerve?

A pinched nerve is a possibility for different parts of your body, such as the;

  • Lower back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Wrist

What causes a pinched nerve?

There are several reasons why someone would get a pinched nerve, and they are as follows;

  1. Sport activities
  2. Obesity
  3. Accidents that bring injuries
  4. Repetitive work that causes your body stress
  5. Arthritis that affects the wrist

What to expect when you visit a chiropractor for your pinched nerve adjustment

For the chiropractor to find out how serious your pinched nerve condition is, he or she will need to carry out different tests such as;

  • X-rays enable them to get to see how the internal structures of your body are like to know where the problem is.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging scan which is referred to as MRI which generates the pictures of your body and the chiropractor viewing them knows what the issue is and how serious it is.
  • A computer tomography scan is also referred to as the CTI, which shows detailed pictures of the internal parts of the body structures.

Once the chiropractors have done any of the tests above, they can go ahead and make a diagnosis and find the right treatment plan for your pinched nerve. The treatment issued to you allows you to relieve pain and be more comfortable.

Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?

A chiropractor is capable of giving any pinched nerve you have on your body. This is because a chiropractor possesses the needed skills to do this and decompress your nerves. When you notice that you have a compressed nerve, do not waste time and call to book an appointment with the chiropractor.

The good thing with a chiropractor is that he or she will not use any medical medications to treat you, as they can use their hands to adjust the nerves. When you see a chiropractor, you will be informed of the different treatment methods they can use to treat your pinched nerves successfully.

All the treatment methods chiropractors rely on are safe for you as they bring out the desired results. If it is a severe case of a pinched nerve, the chiropractor might need to employ decompression therapy. The good thing about seeing a chiropractor is that it keeps you away from absorbing painkillers every time you are in pain.

At the chiropractor, you get to be in safe hands as they relieve the pain for you without relying on any pain medicines. After a chiropractor has treated your pinched nerve and gotten your body back to normal, he or she will provide you with the dos and don’ts regarding your body. With this information, you stay away from making mistakes that could affect your nerves. You also get advice on how to take care of yourself when you are out there.

How long would a chiropractor take to treat your pinched nerve?

The amount of time it takes a chiropractor to fix your pinched nerve completely depends on the severity of the pinched nerves. Normally, a chiropractor uses six to twelve weeks to treat it. There are cases where a pinched nerve is so damaged that it requires special attention and most times are when surgery is done to treat it.

What to do if a chiropractor injures your nerve?

Chiropractors are good at what they do, but they can also make mistakes. When you have a pinched nerve, and the chiropractor does not diagnose it and treats you for something else, this may damage your nerve even more. When you learn that the chiropractor did wrong by you, you have the right to report them and file a claim.

Different malfunctions may occur with the chiropractors, and you should not be afraid to bring them into the light and let the legal system take care of them. You get a chance to right a wrong by getting the justice you require and get compensated.

Make sure you find a licensed chiropractor to fix your pinched nerves, as chances are that they will not cause more damage to your body. Filing a lawsuit against a chiropractor who has either made your condition worsen without any changes or injured you is the right decision to do.

Benefits of visiting a chiropractor to fix your pinched nerve

There are so many benefits associated with seeing a chiropractor as they generally change your life. They offer you a chance to live life without any body conditions getting in the way of you and your happiness. Below are the benefits you get when you visit a chiropractor to fix your pinched nerve;

  • Experience

Chiropractors have studied the body and have experience when it comes to treating different body conditions like pinched nerves, lower back pains, and many others. You can trust chiropractors to take good care of you using the safest methods ever.

  • Relieve pain

Pinched nerves bring you pain in the affected area and by seeing a chiropractor you can get the pain relieved. This way, you are back to walking and doing things normally without anything hindering you.

  • Improve sleep

You can sleep with ease when you have your pinched nerves treated, as there is no pain keeping you up at night. No one should be lacking sleep due to pinched nerves, which is why chiropractors exist.

Lastly, pinched nerves are best handled by chiropractors, as they know how to treat them using various treatment methods. You can easily go back to doing things easily without having to deal with the pain when you leave your pinched nerve problem to your chiropractor. Find the best chiropractor near you and get your pinched nerves fixed.


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